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Join our quest to find the most uncommon coffees and explore the stories behind them, by subscribing to one of our two subscription packages! Every month we curate a unique selection of complex coffees for you to experience, delivered to your doorstep.

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Join us on our journey to find some of the most uncommon coffees!

Every month we curate a unique selection of complex coffees for you to experience, which we deliver right to your doorstep. We have created two different packages from which you can choose; a more adventurous option and a more accessible option. We feature vibrant, layered, refined profiles; each with their own uncommon story. More often than not, you will receive a newly released coffee. We select, roast and ship our coffees to you based on seasonality.

In our 'Explore Subscription' we like to showcase 2 exciting coffees by producers who are pushing the boundaries in the industry.

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"Explore Uncommon" Coffee subscription

28,00€ / month

This package displays two different, usually contrasting, high quality lots roasted for filter.

This subscription is tailored to filter coffee drinkers but also suitable for progressive, espresso brewers. Our intention is to introduce you to seasonal but differing coffees each month.

You can expect to have 2 new coffees each month, usually the freshly landed coffees and our newest releases. We love tasting two coffees side by side, sometimes you will receive coffees from the similar places but with two different processes, or two different varieties. The variables are endless and it will be a true tasting experience where you will openly learn how these variables impact the flavour profile of each coffee. You can expect some top tier coffees in this package, the competition level/rare lots will feature here and there (in a smaller portion).

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Practical Info

The ins and outs of the working of our subscription packages

  • 1. Once you have signed up for our subscription package your order will be shipped on the first Thursday of every month. Be aware, that say if you subscribe after the first Thursday of the month September (for example), you will have to wait till the first Thursday of October to receive your first subscription package.

  • 2. Your shipping costs will be calculated at checkout, depending on your location.

  • 3. The very first delivery will arrive in our beautiful giftbox as a welcome. After that, the coffees will arrive in standard packaging.

  • 4. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Unless we have already roasted that month's order for you (on the first Thursday of the month).

  • 5. By subscribing to one of our coffee subscriptions you agree to our terms and services