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Our Impact

Central to our ethos is building close relationships with the people who produce our coffee.

In our quest to learn more about our producers and their land, we have witnessed countless instances of crop disease, unpredictable rainfall, and price fluctuations. More importantly, we’ve seen the exceptional accomplishments, bravery, and creativity that our producers and their communities show in the face of such complex environmental and socio-economic challenges. We believe that as roasters, we play an important role in the sustainability of the entire supply chain and we take that serious. More often than not, the scale is tipped in favour of the roasting side of the industry; our aim is to make small steps to create more equality. Many hours were spent around the kitchen table to find ways to do so. Making sure to pay significant premiums for the green coffee we purchase is a more obvious way to do so, but we strongly believe we can do more.

Our Projects

Each cup is a homage to the legends behind these remarkable and uncommon coffees.

Together with our partners at origin, we set up projects to support their journey. We have found that by visiting our producers and their communities, we understand best what challenges they are facing and how we can contribute effectively. Our first project in Myanmar is aimed at combatting opium production along the Thai border. This year we will be working together with Filtro to support their mission to provide natural water filters to schools and villages in Guatemala. Find more elaborate explanations of the work we do in our ‘stories’ section.


Every coffee has its own uncommon story; its own unique microclimate, variety, altitude, and processing methods. We have the privilege to share these untold stories with you; stories that are as rich and diverse as the terrain from which the coffee cherries grow.

It often crossed our minds; if everyone knew the work, skill and knowledge that goes into creating our daily cup, would we look differently at the price we pay for it, or think twice about where we get our daily coffee from? By sharing these uncommon stories we hope to create more awareness and close the gap between our producers and consumers. We hope to inspire more mindfulness towards the way we consume, towards our earth and towards eachother. We are on a long journey to becoming more mindful, more impactful and more in synch with nature and we love to take you on this journey with us.

Each cup is a homage to the legends behind these remarkable and uncommon coffees.

Each cup is a homage to the legends behind these remarkable and uncommon coffees.