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"Explore Uncommon" Coffee subscription

This package displays two refined high quality lots with unique variables.

This subscription is tailored to filter coffee but also suitable for progressive, exotic espresso drinkers. Expect floral, bright, sweet profiles. ‍ Our intention is to introduce you to complex and bespoke coffees.

You can expect to have 2 new coffees each month. We love tasting two coffees side by side, sometimes you will receive coffees from the same farm but with two different processes, or two different varieties. The variables are endless and it will be a true tasting experience where you will openly learn how these variables impact the flavour profile. You can expect some top tier coffees in this package, the competition level/ rare lots will feature here and there (in a smaller portion).




In July, we are spotlighting the honey process. We will be showcasing 2 different coffees from 2 different origins, both processed as ‘honeys’.


Please note that we roast and ship the subscriptions on the first Thursday of each month. Shipping costs are location dependent and will be calculated at checkout.


You can cancel your subscription at any time. Unless we have already roasted that month's order for you (on the first Thursday of the month).


The very first delivery will arrive in our beautiful giftbox as a welcome. After that, the coffees will arrive in standard packaging.


You can expect two new coffees most months. The competition level / rare lots will feature here and there in a smaller portion.


We will provide you with your tracking number so you can see when your package is scheduled to arrive.

To kick-off our showcase of fresh-crop African coffee, our first feature is our favourite Ethiopian; Suke Quto.

A refined, juicy, floral natural with notes of red berries and a crisp acidity.

For the 3rd consecutive year we're offering a coffee from this incredible farm. This lot is a field blend of 2 local varieties to the Guji zone, Kurume & Wolicho, and is dried as a traditional natural on raised beds. This is a great example of the beauty of high-quality Ethiopian coffee and the uniqueness of region, variety, and terroir in 'the home of coffee'

Our 2nd feature is through the Gitwe Farmers Cooperative Society; Karinga AB.

A vibrant, sweet coffee with notes of cherry, blackcurrant, and rooibos.

The Gitwe FCS is helping its members shift from growing tea to the more highly-valued coffee production. High altitudes and rich, red volcanic soil make this prime tea and coffee producing land, and this AB lot from the Karinga station is a prime example of the potential of high-qaulity Kenyan coffee.