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Meticulous Espresso * PreOrder*

The rabbit hole just got a lot deeper. Introducing the Meticulous Home Espresso Machine, for the true Coffee Nerds! This is the most high tech and advanced home espresso machine we've come across and it is truly a game-changer for home baristas.

Coffee aficionados know that manual lever machines can craft an espresso like no other, with beautiful flavor and texture. The catch? They’re extremely difficult to operate and require years of experience to read very subtle signals in flow, viscosity, pressure, color, and resistance, then constantly adapt your force in real time. The magic of Meticulous is that it works just the same as a manual lever machine but very, very differently. It is the world’s first robotic lever espresso machine, using a powerful digital motor and high-precision sensors to automatically make the most gorgeous espresso you can get with every pull.

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*This product is a pre-order. Dispatch from our warehouse in Amsterdam is expected early August 2024*




We pack your products in FSC qualified boxes and wrapping. For every tree used to make the cardboard, a new tree will be planted.


If your order includes bags of coffee, we will fulfil and dispatch your order on Thursdays, when we roast.


You order will arrive within 2 business days from the order fulfilment (see fulfilment) within Holland.

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