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Lake Atitlan - Guatemala - Washed - Espresso

A velvety rich, smooth cup with a revolutionary, organic fertiliser project behind it.

This lot is made up of coffee from the employees of Los Volcanes processing station. They grow and get to process this lot themselves giving them a platform to sell their own coffee! 

Josué Morales started up Los Volcanes with the original intention to create high cupping scores. The team conducted many tests with fertilisers and split up parts of the farms where they would categorise trees depending on their nutrition levels. All this achieved very little and he noticed his trees becoming less healthy, producing low yields and to top it off many of his trees got the disease of leaf rust. After trying everything, Josué decided to leave the trees alone. By doing so and giving nature a break, the trees sprung back into shape after a year. From this point on he decided to go full organic and put less stress on the trees. Having developed a special concoction of natural fertiliser, farmers in the area of Antigua have benefited greatly thanks to his trials and tribulations!




The farm and washing station is called Los Volcanos.


Antigua including the area of Ciudad Vieja and the volcanic valley.


Helping local farmers go organic and increase yield and health of their trees.


1200 - 1615 metres above sea level. These altitudes have a nice combination of body, low/ mid acidity to make a balanced cup.


Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, and Typica - these three varietals are common to Guatemala.


A fully washed process which Guatemala is known for.



"Organic agriculture is a system that sustains life, health, and the structure of soil."


Josue and his team from Los Volcanos have created a natural and organic fertiliser which has turned Los Volcanos into a super healthy and regenerative farm. Preventing the use of heavy chemical based fertilisers and pesticides, the soil and crop is more healthy and balanced in nutrients and minerals.



Training coffee communities to adopt organic farming practices


After the team's success with organic fertiliser, they decided to help others step away from harmful chemical pesticides. Educating the farmers by introducing them to new natural organic practices means they have a more consistent, high quality product with increased yield, without the negative effect chemical pesticides have on the environment and the health of the people involved.