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Keramo - Ethiopia - Sidama - Washed

Daye Bensa. Sidama. Washed! This freshly landed Ethiopian coffee comes by way of Asefa Dukamo of Daye Bensa and their highest elevated region, Keramo. Expect a ripe, floral coffee with notes of mandarin, blueberry, and bergamot.

Sidama is world renowned for producing some of the best coffee in all of Ethiopia, and so is Daye Bensa. In 2020, the Keramo site won 7th place in the Cup of Excellence, in 2021 8th place and in 2022, 2nd place! Asefa has an outgrower relationship with roughly 1,500 farmers in Keramo, who live high up in the Bombe Mountains, in lush forests perfectly suited to coffee growing. The washing station alone sits at 2300masl!




1,500 farmers deliver their coffee cherries to the Keramo Washing and Drying Station.


Sidama is a regional state in Southern Ethiopia. It is home to various ethnic groups, including the Sidama people, who are the largest ethnic group in the Sidama Zone.


Daye Bensa donated 1 million dollars to build and set-up 5 schools in the Sidama region. These schools can host over 1400 students, provide better education to local children and alleviate long distance travel to get to school.


The Keramo village sits above 2300masl in the Bombe Mountains in Bensa, Sidama.


This lot is predominantly made up of JARC (Jimma Agricultural Research Center) varieties 74112 & 74158, as well as local landraces Setami & Mekicho.


Cherries are hand-picked at peak ripeness, delivered to the Keramo station and floated to remove defects. The cherries are then pulped and wet fermented for 36-72 hours, washed in channels and sun-dried on raised beds.



Daye Bensa work with 2500+ Farmers across 71 washing stations in the Bensa woreda.


Each year Daye Bensa host an 'Out-Growers' Day. Nearly 1,000 farmers gather to celebrate their harvests and to receive second payments for their coffee cherry contributions. Daye Bensa additionally rewards the top three farmers from each of the three villages with certificates and premiums, recognizing them for consistently delivering high-quality cherries.

Daye Bensa


The name Daye Bensa is renowned for quality. In 2020, the Keramo site won 7th place in the Cup of Excellence, in 2021 8th place and in 2022, 2nd place!


Brothers Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo founded Daye Bensa in 2006. Daye Bensa exports coffee from its own farm as well as from small-holder farmers in three villages: Shantawene, Bombe, and Keramo. They own 15 washing stations across three districts, and they handle all the coffee they export. Their farms are Organic, UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and C.A.F.E. practices certified.