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APAX LAB Mineral Concentrates - Pre Order *

LEVEL UP YOUR COFFEE GAME! Introducing APAX Labs mineral concentrates: "Water is not just a variable in the brewing process, it is one of the two ingredients we use to make coffee".

This box set contains 3 x 100ml bottles of APAX Labs 3 profiles: TONIK [1], JAMM [2], & LYLAC [3]. The concentrates can be added to demineralised or low ppm water to 'build' water, or can be added directly to brewed coffee.

ATTENTION: * Please note this product is currently only available on pre-order. Shipment is expected to take place in the first weeks of June, 2024. *




Tonik has been formulated to enhance the vibrant acidity of your coffee and will impart a crisp, intense, and juicy kick to your brew.

JAMM [2]

Jamm magnifies the role of calcium and bicarbonate. It has been formulated to enhance the richness and depth of your coffee and will accentuate the lingering sweetness and creamy mouthfeel of your brew

 LYLAC [3]

Lylac harnesses the qualities of sulfate and potassium to underscore the delicate and floral characteristics of your coffee, ensuring an elegant, refined, and graceful addition to your brew with a silky mouthfeel.


water / magnesium chloride / calcium chloride / sodium chloride / sodium bicarbonate / potassium bicarbonate


water / magnesium chloride / calcium chloride / potassium chloride / potassium bicarbonate / sodium bicarbonate


water / magnesium sulfate / magnesium chloride / potassium chloride / potassium bicarbonate / sodium bicarbonate / sodium chloride

Water for Coffee


“Access to high-quality brewing water is often the biggest obstacle for people to fully appreciate the potential of a coffee.”

The team at APAX, like ourselves, believe that every coffee is unique and deserves special attention and care. We are passionate about extraordinary coffee and aim to fully express each coffees inherent qualities in the best way possible. From sourcing, to roasting, to brewing, the quest for coffee excellence is a continuous journey.

When it comes to brewing, water is crucially, the forgotten variable. Until recently, water was (if at all) defined solely by general hardness. But in fact, the combination of minerals that make up that total hardness, or in other words the total ionic composition of the water, impacts the final experience in the cup. With APAX, adjusting that composition has never been easier.

Reach Coffee Climax


“Minerals are to brewing what seasoning is to food, they elevate the overall flavours and can turn a good coffee into an exceptional one.”

APAX concentrates are made of demineralised water and analytical reagent grade minerals (AR), ensuring very high levels of purity. They are designed to be versatile and enhance specific attributes. They can be used with any coffee in multiple different ways. Each profile will elevate a brew on its own, but they have also been formulated to be blended together to achieve more specific results.

These mineral concentrates can be used in two ways: In brew water, by adding 3 to 4 grams of concentrate per litre of demineralised or low ppm water. Or in your coffee, by directly adding from 1 to 10 drops in the cup.