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This holiday season we are offering a true tasting experience! In this giftbox, we are featuring 3 experimental varieties all processed the same way at one farm, Fincamigos. This enables you to fully appreciate and taste the unique varietal flavour profile of the three coffees.

This farm is an experimental plantation run by Cafexport. The farm serves as a demo plot where they develop methods for cultivating exotic coffee varieties. This season we will be featuring 3 exotic varieties: Sudan Rume, Tabi & Geisha.

i) Sudan Rume A ripe plum profile fea- turing a unique twist of mint in the aftertaste. Sudan Rume is an ancient landrace variety that was first cultivated in South Sudan’s Boma plateau.

ii) Tabi Rich, juicy profile with a lot of depth, tasting like cherry and red grape. The name comes from the word “tabi,” meaning “good” in Guambiano, the dialect of a native Colombia tribe.

iii)Gesha A classic, refined Gesha profile. Silky mouthfeel, tasting like jasmine tea with a melon aftertaste. Known for its exceptional cup quality thanks to competi- tions.




Finca amigos showcasing three exciting varieties.


Located at La Arboleda, Jardín, Antioquia.


The elevation stretches between 1741 - 1950m above sea level.


Three beautiful varieties which included; Tabi, Sudan Rume and Gesha.


This coffee is a Hybrid process. It went through natural, then honey, then washed stages to achieve its final state.


89 points of pure fun.



This process is a fully washed with a double fermentation.

The coffee is first fermented in cherry for 36 hours and then pulped and undergoes a second dry fermentation for another 36 hours. After this the coffee is then washed and taken to raised beds where it is dried until it reaches 11%. We love this style as it enables you to taste the variety & terroir of the coffee.



Fincamigos preserves 4 hectares for forest conservation.

They have planted more than 650 native trees and plants. These native species help rejuvenate the ecosystem and create a habitat for the migratory birds that pass through the region each year.