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Wilton Benitez - Colombia - Advanced Washed - Orange Bourbon

An unbelievable Orange Bourbon from award-winning producer Wilton Benitez! This coffee has been scored at over 90 points and would not be out of place in competition. Expect a citric & tropical, dessert-like, floral cup with notes of tangerine, vanilla, & rose.

Wilton is renowned as one of the most innovative coffee producers on the planet, most notably for his highly advanced processing. He is a fermentation-wizard and has won multiple awards both in Colombia and Internationally. This particular lot could technically be classed as 'Double-Anaerobic-Yeast-Inoculated-Thermal-Shock-Washed' but we'll just go with; 'Insane'!




Granja Paraiso 92. This small 5-hectare farm has over 35 varieties, a microbiology lab, quality lab, and processing plant.


Cauca is one of Colombia's most famed coffee growing regions. It sits along the Andean Mountain Range, at the cradle of the Colombian Massif just North of the equator.


Granja Paraiso 92 has placed in and won countless competitions including Best of Cauca, Golden Bean USA, Australian International Coffee Awards, and Cold Brew and Barista Championships.


Granja Paraiso 92 sits at 1800-2100 masl on volcanic soils.


Orange Bourbon is a natural mutation of Red Bourbon, discernible by it's orange-coloured fruit when ripe.


Fully-ripe cherries are sterilized with ozonated water and UV light, submerged in water at 70c, fermented with Lager beer yeasts (Saccharomyces Pastorianus) in a controled bio-reactor, pulped, fermented again anaerobically in mucillage, thermal-shock washed, mechanically dried in in a controlled environment, stalled, and then sorted.

Granja Paraiso 92


"Granja Paraiso 92 is a small, 5-hectare family farm with its own microbiology lab, quality lab and fermentation and drying plant."


The farm sits at 1800-2100masl in Piendamo, Cauca, at the cradle of the Colombian Massif just North of the Equator. 20% of the farm is kept as natural forest and the conditions here are perfect for coffee production with high elevations, steep slopes, and a stable microclimate. Although famed for his post-harvest processing, Wilton insists that the health of the soil, trees, and fruit is the first step to producing incredible coffee. The farm has innovative cultivation systems in place such as terracing, drip irrigation, designated shade trees, plant-nutrition monitoring, and the strict use of only organic fertilisers.



“Wilton has complete control over the entire process. Everything is measured, timed, monitored, and each step is planned to the smallest detail.”


Wilton's attention to detail is truly admirable. For this lot, only fully-ripe cherries are picked and then sorted by size and density, before being washed in ozonated water and put under UV light to decrease the microbial load. This is followed by multiple stages that include the addition of selected microorganisms and yeasts in a controlled bioreactor, pulping, a secondary anaerobic fermentation, thermal-shock washing, controled drying in purpose-built mechanical dryers, a stabilization period and then final sorting.