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Wilder Lazo - Colombia - Natural - Geisha

A remarkable natural Geisha from our friend Wilder Lazo! For anyone who was lucky enough to attend the cupping we held with Wilder last year, you will know what you're in for. Wilder's coffees are the result of selective planting, terrific terroir and highly skilled and advanced processing. Expect a pink & juicy, floral cup with notes of watermelon, lychee, & rose.

Wilder is a humble yet accomplished coffee farmer and someone who is producing, in our eyes, truly exceptional coffee. Wilder selectively breeds each variety to have the best possible seed stock, and he designs the processing of each coffee to best showcase each varieties inherent character. Wilders farm, Bella Alejandria, is a family business with multiple generations working on the farm in different roles, and one we will continue to work with for years to come.




Bella Alejandria is a mountainous, rural farm in the hills of San Adolfo. Steep slopes mean all work and harvesting must be done by hand and all the transport is done by mule.


Huila is geographically perfect for coffee growing and is quickly becoming one of Colombias biggest coffee growing regions.


Wilder founded a varietal program in Huila, which currently includes more than 12 different varieties, which have been carefully selected from different origins.


Bella Alejandria sits at 1800 - 2100 m in San Adolfo, Huila.


Wilders Geisha seed stock is a unique blend of Panamanian and African seeds, bred for quality in his own genetic laboratory.


Cherries are floated and sorted then placed in plastic barrels along with the ‘juice’ from previous fermentations, in this case: from Gesha and SL28 cherries. The coffee is slow-fermented for 7 days without allowing the pH to drop below 5.  The cherries are washed before being laid to dry on patios.

The New Generation


“Huila is an exciting coffee growing region with many young & ambitious producers pushing the boundaries of coffee quality.”

Wilder Lazo joins a long list of ambitious young coffee producers in Huila. He is part of renowned producer-groups like the El Placer Farms Project, as well as Forest Coffee's Partner Farms Project. Names like Wilder Lazo, Sebastian Ramirez, Nestor Lasso, and Oscar Hernandez are all based in Huila and it is truly a melting pot of innovation and quality in Colombian coffee production.

Plant Genetics


“Wilder is very particular about the seed stock he uses, and is selectively breeding plants that show the best cup quality.”


When we met Wilder last year, one of the first conversations we had was about plant and seed genetics. When he decided to focus on producing high quality, specialty coffee one of the first priorities was to obtain the best seed stock possible. Wilder went to Ecuador for Sidra, Panama for Geisha.. and so forth and he has now started a varietal program in Huila. The program now includes more than 12 different varieties, all of which have been carefully selected from different origins.