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Team Pegasing - Indonesia - Natural - Filter

Floral with forest fruits, this Indonesian coffee is juicy, sweet and going against the traditional wet hulling method. Expect notes of blackcurrants, dark rum and honeycomb.

Hendra is an innovator and mentor in the Aceh province of Sumatra. He runs an advanced coffee processing facility that is producing out-of-this world experimental lots and naturals. This particular lot is a great example of the benefit of consistent, monitored and well-executed drying.




Hendra's innovative washing station and farm is leading the way for advanced coffee processing in the region.


This coffee is grown in Aceh province of Sumatra. This semi-autonomous Indonesian province is located on the northwest tip of Sumatra Island.


Hendra is working with local farmers to plant small plots on their land where he pays more for the Abyssinia varietal due to the reduced yield and higher cup quality.


1300 - 1500 masl.


Mostly Abyssinia, and the highly resistant Tim Tim & Gayo 1 varieties are also grown here.


Whole cherries are placed on raised beds in a temperature-monitored poly tunnel and dried for 20 - 25 days with regular turning.

The Future

"Hendra and his family have invested heavily in the post harvesting facilities where they have built a small wet mill with two pulping machines, gravitational washing channels and several raised beds in large poly-tunnels for drying the coffee."

Hendra has continued to experiment and now has around 8 – 10 different processes that he produces. The small washing station will produce up to 40 tons of green coffee every year. The absolute best coffee is purchased from over 70 farmers around the area who choose to work with Hendra and increase both the cup quality and revenue of their coffee.

Incentive Program

"Producers are paid a premium for ripe, high quality cherries."

Hendra is working with local farmers to plant small plots of coffee on their land. The cherries that make up this lot come from the highest elevated plots and are selectively picked and sorted based on ripeness and uniformity. Hendra pays more for better quality cherries and this incentivises producers in the region to grow better quality coffee.