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Sitio Gourita - Brazil - Natural - Espresso

A smooth, rich cacao profile. Edison Ferreira promotes agroforesty at his farm in Sul de Minas. This is a high-quality crowd-pleaser tasting like cacao, cashew, and red berries.

Edison began his story in the coffee industry at an early age, where he started working for a large farm in Nova Resende. Edison’s father, José, had tried twice before to begin coffee production on the family's property, but he was not successful. The crops of 1979 and 1981 were severely impacted by the prevalent frost, and Jose decided to stop the coffee production and only focus on the dairy cattle as his primary income source. After Edison became interested in coffee farming, in 1986 he convinced his father to give coffee a second chance. So began coffee production at Sitio Gourita and there has been no looking back since.




Mr. Edison Ferreira Cardoso, from Fazena Sitio Gourita.


The coffee is grown in the Sul de Minas region of Brazil.

Cupping Score

This coffee scores at 85 points.


1100 meters, these high altitudes encourage sweetness in the profile


Red Catuai is present in this specific lot.


This coffee is naturally processed.

A Family Business


"We live to keep our heritage and passion for coffee production alive by educating and inspiring the next generation of coffee farmers.

"Edison and his wife Kerli own and run Sítio Gourita. Edison maintains the farm, insuring the health of the plants and their fruit. Kerli is solely responsible for post-harvest processing and quality improvement measures. The couple have shared their knowledge with their children, Edison Junior and Maria Eduarda, who are already following their parent's work. During harvest, Edison employs a few part-time pickers from the region to help him during this period of the year, but for the rest, the family is solely responsible for taking care of the farm.



Edison and Keri are highly passionate about improving the quality of his coffee. Over the years, their farm has been vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including changes in temperature and precipitation patterns, and more frequent extreme weather events such as drought and flooding.

These changes have had a range of impacts on his specialty coffee production such as reduced yields, spread of diseases and pests and inconsistency in fruit and cup quality. The couple are reusing production waste and manure to improve the quality of the soil and plants at their farm. Edison believes biodiversity is key to the future of his farm and is set on maintaining the local flora, while further planting various indigenous trees for shade and habitat for fauna.