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Ruby Urbano - Colombia - Washed - Espresso

A syrupy sweet Variedad Colombia from Ruby and the Urbano family at El Diviso. An initial wet fermentation in tank gives body and richness to this classic all-rounder.

El Diviso is a small, family run coffee farm in La Union, Narino. Ruby owns and runs the farm along with her husband Alberto and their two daughters; Catherine & Yeli.




Ruby owns and runs this small farm along with her husband Alberto and their two daughters; Catherine & Yeli.


El Diviso is on the Eastern side of the Cumbal Volcano, located in La Union in the department of Narino.


This lot comes by way of Cofinet & COOMERCIACAFE, an organization supporting coffee growers in the production of specialty coffees to ensure their quality, traceability, and national and international marketing..


The farm sits at 1600m on volcanic ash.


Variedad Colombia was developed by the Colombian Coffee Federation in order to fight leaf rust and is a hybridization of Caturra and Timor Hybrid.


Fully-ripe cherries undergo an initial 30 hour ‘wet’ fermentation before being pulped, washed and dried in a controlled environment.



"It is a family operation, with the goal to produce the best quality coffee they can for many years to come."


The matriarch of the Pajajoy family is Ruby Urbano, an entrepreneurial and hardworking woman who is driven to produce high quality specialty coffee on their small plot of land in La Union, Narino. The whole production is a family operation, with herself, her husband Alberto, and their two daughters Catherine and Yeli doing everything from the work in the field, to picking to post-harvest fermentation and drying.



"Our philosophy is based on supporting our coffee growers so that they can improve the productivity and profitability of their coffee farms, promoting social and environmental development in the region."


The Multiactive Cooperative of Coffee Growers of Nariño 'COOMERCIACAFE' is based in La Unión, Nariño, Colombia. It is a formal organization of the solidarity sector founded in 2003, with the objective of assisting coffee growers in the region with sustainable farming practices, post harvest processing, and all aspects of coffee production improve the quality. They also work to connect the producers and their coffee to the wider market, create greater traceability throughout the coffee chain and assist with national and international marketing.