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Los Pinos - Colombia - Extended Honey


A clean, full-bodied and floral hybrid variety that supports reforestation programs. A true reimagination of the honey process.

‘Colombia’ variety is not one you come across every day. The extended honey process on this hybrid, lasting over 20 days, yields results unlike any other Colombian honey.
In coffee since a very early age, Uriel has become known for his amazing honey processes. He purchased a small lot in Huila where he planted some Colombia and Pink Bourbon varieties and focused most of his efforts in the drying process. After some time, he truly mastered - among others - the honey process which yields this stunning cup.



The farm is called Farm Los Pinos and the producer is Uriel Samboni.


Located in the heart of Chical, Huila. A region in Colombia that is well known for high grade coffees.

Cupping Score

This coffee has a cupping score of 88 points.


Finca Los Pinos stands at approximately 1650m high elevation which leads to a high, refined sweetness in all their coffees.


Colombia is a hybrid of Caturra and Catimor variaties.


The extended Honey process is summarised into three steps: First, the pre-fermentation in coffee cherry for 24 hours. It is then de-pulped and fermented in mucilage for 48 hours. Finalised with drying of the mucilage (honey) for 24 days.

Impact & Community

"A close working relationship with Forest Green has had a huge impact on quality."

Immediately after being taught how to produce cleaner natural coffees by our friends at Forest Green, he passed the knowledge on to three other producers in his circle, improving cupping scores by at least 1.5 points. The network has since grown and more producers are now benefiting from this knowledge.


"Avocado's and Plantain's are also harvested at this farm."


In an effort to stabilise his family’s income, Uriel also plants other crops such as avocado and plantain which go side by side Colombia’s two coffee harvests. He is also deeply involved in a reforestation program which involves planting native trees among the crops.