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Los Angeles - El Salvador - Maragogipe - Natural - Filter

Los Angeles was traditionally planted solely with Pacamara, but now also grows its parent; Maragogipe. Expect a lactic, orange-fruited natural with notes of mango and custard.

The farm is one of the Los Naranjos group headed by Sigfredo Corado, a now-retired professor of Agronomy from the National School of Agriculture. The farm has been chemical-free since Sigfredo took over management of the farm over 10 years ago. It is part of the Renacer Program which is a technical coffee field school and educational program for producers in the area to learn about better farm management practices.




Los Angeles is a 16 hectare farm planted with mostly Pacamara and a small plot with Maragogype.


Los Angeles farm is located a few minutes from the town of Apaneca, Ahuachapán, in the West of El Salvador.


Since Sigfredo took over management of the farm 10 years ago, the farm has been chemical-free.


The farm sits at 1350-1400masl


Maragogipe is a mutation of Typica and is known for its large bean size, very low yields and great cup quality.


Full-ripe cherries are floated, cleaned and hand sorted before being laid to dry in the sun on raised African beds.



“Maragogipe is known for it's unusually large bean size, a trait it passed on to it's descendant, Pacamara.”

The variety is a natural mutation of Typica, one of the most genetically important varieties in coffee history. Maragogipe is most famously known for it's large bean size and very high cup quality. It is becoming increasingly rare to find though, as it has exceedingly low yields and susceptibility to all major diseases. Many farmers have opted to plant more rigorous varieties like Pacamara, Caturra, and Mundo Novo instead. We are happy to see Maragogipe still being grown by a few passionate producers as we believe it is a truly special variety. They are often floral with low acidity, high sweetness, and notes of ripe citrus and tropical fruits!

Renacer Program


“Sigredo founded the Renacer Program with his Los Naranjos group and the Blue Harvest program in 2020. The field school takes place on their farm, Finca Noruega, where the students work the test plots.”

Sigfredo’s approach and values for teaching are based on those of regenerative agriculture and land restoration which promote a natural alliance with the mission of the Blue Harvest program. Sigredo established a curriculum to help educate and support producers with a program of farm management he designed. A class is held twice a month for the students and throughout the year there are 3 modules which the students attend. The program has a focus on the 4 Rs that were developed to optimise soil health: Right Source. Right Dose. Right Place. Right Time. Here they can implement the knowledge gained in class before applying it to their own farms.