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La Primavera - Colombia - Pink Creation - Espresso

The quintessential pink bourbon profile with a processing twist. Crisp, bright and refreshing.

Raspberry, honey & green apple

Here we have a beautiful experimental washed. This is the 4th time El Vergel has worked together with Professor Cesar in Pitalito Huila. Alongside Freddy Correa the owner of La Primavera. This unique profile reflects the true terroir of pink bourbon. Freddy decided to start working together with El Vergel last year, to learn and develop more on coffee processing. For this batch they used a 24-hour pre-fermentation in cherry, followed by a 36-hour fermentation in mucilage, and then sun-dry in cherry for 15 days.




The farm is called Freddy Correa at Finca La Primavera.


Located in the heart of Huila, Colombia.


With the assistance of Forest Green and the team behind El Vergel farms. This cup scores 88 points.


Finca La Primavera stands at approximately 1800m high.


Pink Bourbon is a newly discovered variety with geisha traits.


This coffee was developed with 2 fermentation processes, of 24 hours of pre-fermentation in cherry, followed by 36 hours of aerobic fermentation in bags in mucilage. Then dried on raised beds for an average of 15 days.


"To reduce water waste in washed coffees, the Bayter family has invested in a water treatment plant that allows them to reuse most of the water.".

Back in the 90s, El Vergel Estate would sustain itself by growing and harvesting avocados, which proved to me quite harmful to the soil. Today, they are investing in efforts to regenerate the soil. The results thus far are quite significant and they’ve already witnessed a significant growth in native flora and fauna.

Pink Bourbon

"Scarcely seen and only actively cultivated by a handful of farmers in Colombia."

A spontaneous and natural variation of the Red and Yellow Bourbons, scarcely seen and only actively cultivated by a handful of farmers in Colombia. The trees look like a Bourbon and the cherries ripen to a unique pinkish colour and the leaves are broad, in a similar fashion to Geisha trees. The pink bourbon is also more resistant to coffee diseases and often showcases Geisha-like qualities in the cup, with floral aromas and clean citrus notes.