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Finca Olotla - Mexico - Washed - Espresso

Sweet and sticky profile. The Herrera Velasquez family are pioneers in Mexico.

Caramel, Pecan & Grapefruit

Eduardo Esteve, one of the most recognized persons in the world of coffee and Camilo Merizalde from Santuario Project teamed up 4 years ago to create unique specialty coffee projects around the world. This superb coffee comes from the Santuario processing centre in Ixhuatlan del Cafe Veracruz. Santuario works with 400 farmers of the Ixhuatlan area, in order to source the perfect coffee cherries to develop the best flavours from Mexico. This specific coffee is supplied by the Herrera Velasquez family, from Olotla Farm in Veracruz. One of the farms that have the highest standards for cherry selection.




Finca Olotla - This specific coffee is supplied by the Herrera Velasquez family.


The coffee is grown in the Veracruz in Mexico.

Cupping Score

This outstanding lot produces a score of 87 points.


1300 - 1400 meters, these high altitudes are considered considerably high for Mexico.


Marsellesa is the variety situated at this farm.


Coffee is fermented in a tank for at least approximately 14 hours and then the coffee cherries are washed with clean water.

Exciting Future Ahead


"In the past, mainly Robusta and low grade arabica was being grown, processed and exported!"


Mexico has been producing coffee for a long time, however mainly robusta or low grade Arabica. This has all changed in the past few years, there has been a lot of focus on processing and making sure that the farmer gets the most out of each lot. We are thrilled to be featuring this great origin.

Santuario Project


"This Project in Mexico has 400 families supplying coffee cherries from the surrounding areas of Ixhuatlan and the Orizaba Volcano."

These families receive constant agronomical support from the Baco team (exporter) of technical advisors in order to produce top quality coffees. The Herrera Velasquez Family is one of the highest quality producers of Marsellesa variety from the area, they consistently supply the cherries with the right level of sugars and ripeness to obtain a perfect fermentation level.