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El Vergel - Colombia - Gesha - Filter

By far our most special coffee feature yet. Refined, layered & extremely sweet, this cup is a true journey!

When cupping this coffee it jumped out at us with its remarkable sweetness, reminiscent of passion fruit & watermelon. This coffee is astounding, El Vergel says it's the best lot they've ever produced and for us it is possibly our favourite coffee of all time.
The team at El Vergel Martha and her two sons Elias & Shady are true innovators and are masters of their trade. We are thrilled to work directly with these guys! Originally the farm mainly produced avocados but after around 10 years the trees yield little fruit. Martha decided to pursue coffee, especially high end speciality. The family did so by planting unique varieties such as Gesha, Pacamara, Java etc. Her son's focus is on the cultivation & processing of the coffee. They do so with their expertise & cutting edge technology at their mill.




The farm is called El Vergel and the owner of this beautiful farm is Martha Montenegro.


Located in the heart of Tolima, a region in Colombia that is well known for high grade coffees.


The team at El Vergel are pushing the industry with their processing techniques.


Finca El Vergel stands at approximately 1500m high elevation which leads to a high, refined sweetness in all there coffees.


A vary rare bronze & green tip Gesha


This anaerobic natural technique is an extremely slow drying process as the coffee is left in cherry for up to 30 days.

Drying & Stabilisation

The coffee was constantly monitored over a 30 day period.

Started on June 23rd, with the first phase in a small size dryer, at 32-38 celsius degrees, for a total of 2 days, until 32% of moisture, followed by 21 days of sun drying in Marquesina.

The cherry was then further saved in Grain Pro bags on July 16th for a total of 30 days, to create a more homogeneous profile, and promote a longer life for the coffee.

The Process

"A plethora of techniques & tools were utilised to enhance the taste of this Gesha"


Picked on June 20th for a total of 334 kg of cherries. A natural anaerobic fermentation for 36 hours without water, and an additional 24 hours submerged, with a control of temperature in stainless steel tanks of 18-20 Celsius degrees, to develop complex flavours, and avoid over fermentation.