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El Mirador - Colombia - Washed Anaerobic - Chiroso Bourbon - Filter

This variety is a natural mutation of Bourbon found in Urrao, famed for its floral, complex cup profile.

Tastes like red apple, lemongrass and cherries.

Weimar Lasso is an agro-industrial engineer and coffee grower born in San Adolfo. At a young age, he left the city to work on some of the best horse breeding farms in Colombia. Years later, after discovering his family was experiencing financial difficulty, he decided to move back to San Adolfo and help the family’s coffee business at El Mirador farm.




The farm is called El Mirador and the owner of this beautiful farm is Weimar Lasso.


Located in the heart of Pitalito, a region in Huila that is well known for high grade coffees.


This progressive coffee scores at 89 out of 100 points.


Finca El Mirador stands at approximately 1750m high elevation which leads to a high, refined sweetness in all there coffees.


This microlot is 100% Chiroso Bourbon. This varietal is a natural mutation that took place in Urrao, Antioquia.


This anaerobic washed technique is utilised here to maximise flavour.


"More trees, more life, better coffee."

Cofinet has a nursery dedicated to native trees of Colombia. When they reach 1-2 years, they share them with their producers for free. Cofinet encourages small growers to plant them throughout their coffee plantation.

The native trees pull nutrients from the soil and share them with the coffee, which requires fewer chemicals like fertilizer in the soil.

The Variety

"For the last 5 years, this varietal has become extremely popular in Colombia"

Choriso is known for its complexity, florals, and citrus notes. Often being used in competitions rivalling gesha’s and other high end varieties! This single variety lot is a gem, extremely sweet, reminding us of ripe cherries and a red delicious apple acidity.