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"Accessible but Uncommon" Coffee Subscription

Here we will feature two of our favourite espresso roast coffees, carefully selected for you.

In this subscription package we are displaying one round, full bodied sweet cup and one profile that is flamboyant, progressive and complex. If you drink a lot of espresso at home, this one is for you! ‍

What we look for in a great espresso is usually a touch different from a filter. Balance is key, but mood also plays a role. We love high complexity in our espresso but this doesn't always work so well with milk. Therefore we offer two coffees one of which goes both ways (black or white) and another that is better black. Expect at least one coffee to change each month.




In January, we are exploring two Colombian coffee's. Both coffee's display the diverse characteristics of Colombia's terroir. Read more below.


Please note that we roast and ship the subscriptions on the first Thursday of each month. Shipping costs are location dependent and will be calculated at checkout.


You can cancel your subscription at any time. Unless we have already roasted that month's order for you (on the first Thursday of the month).


The very first delivery will arrive in our beautiful giftbox as a welcome. After that, the coffees will arrive in standard packaging.


You can expect two new coffees most months. The competition level/ rare lots will feature here and there in a smaller portion.


We will provide you with your tracking number so you can see when your package is scheduled to arrive.

This month's first feature is La Primavera; an experimental washed pink bourbon from Colombia


The quintessential pink bourbon profile with a processing twist. Crisp, bright and refreshing.

This is the 4th time El Vergel has worked together with Professor Cesar in Pitalito Huila. Alongside Freddy Correa the owner of La Primavera. This unique profile reflects the true terroir of pink bourbon.

The second feature this month is classical washed coffee from Colombia.


A Timeless washed Colombia with a sweet, balanced profile. A conscious washed process where water is recycled and treated.

When our friends at El Vergel and Forest Green sent us samples for this delicious caturra it hit all the notes we were after. This coffee has red fruit, honey sweetness and a mellow acidity that will appeal to those who promote it and those who reject it alike.