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Xmas Coffee Giftbox - Filter

A Filter coffee collection, presented in our giftbox

This giftbox includes 2 x 200g bags of our best coffees; El Diamante and Finca Gascon.

The Uncommon giftbox is made from a linnen type paper and is fully recycable, free from harmful chemicals and FSC certified.




We pack your products in FSC qualified boxes and wrapping. For every tree used to make the cardboard, a new tree will be planted.


All orders are roasted, packed and sent on Tuesdays.


You order will arrive within 2 business days from the order fulfilment (see fulfilment) within The Netherlands.

In Store

Most of our products are also available at our store in Amsterdam.


Unfortunately, we cannot offer returns at the moment. If your product is faulty please contact us within 2 days of receiving your order.


We will provide you with your tracking number so you can see when your package is scheduled to arrive.

Finca Gascon



This coffee wouldn't be out of place in competition. Prime Gesha cherries undergo an anaerobic fermentation before pulping, washing, an oxidation phase, and drying with the application of koji. Expect a complex cup with notes of watermelon, jasmine, & strawberry.

El Diamante


Our Christmas coffee for this year! Cafe de Altura have been one of the pioneers of anaerobic fermentation over the past decade, even taking fourth place in the 2017 Cup of Excellence.


For this particular lot, 'juice' from previous fermentations are kept and added to the tank along with the cherry. This increases the microbial load as well as the diversity and amount of flavour molecules present in the liquid. Expect notes of Apple Pie, Cinnamon & Pastry.